The Ring that Everyone Loves is Back

The Ring that Everyone Loves is Back

As an emerging jewellery designer during the late 1990's with a background in fitting & turning/mechanical engineering, Mark Gold set about conceptualising, designing & developing innovative new intellectual properties focusing on a new ring idea with a kinetic mechanism.

This new concept went on to become known as the PUZZLE ring & over time, evolved & was refined.

With a trademark & design protection in hand, Mark scaled the production & things were good … However, as a creator, there are always new ideas to discover & to develop & the focus shifted towards other new & exciting products. The other new products were indeed developed & delivered to market & were also successful however Mark had unfinished business with his original IP & began to explore updates on the original concept.

Introducing the HIGH ROLLER by Mark Gold … Where luxury Meets Precision Engineering

Following a new round of R&D & drawing on the engineering & machine shop skills developed during Marks high school years, an updated, new & improved version of the old PUZZLE was born, made using unconventional materials including surgical grade stainless steel, marine grade bronze & ceramics, with or without diamonds.

Updated & refined to a market ready state a new era of high end modern luxury began with the introduction of a re-engineered, new version of everyones favourite.



CNC micro engineered components are finished using traditional handcraft techniques & the rings uniqueness remains unmatched. The engaging, updated mechanism is recognised as a masterpiece of modern design & is now worn by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Downey Jr, Jenson Button, Usher & so many others around the world.

The HIGH ROLLER is now available online directly from