The Renew Now Initiative - Mark Gold

The Renew Now Initiative

Mark Gold has introduced a new & innovative initiative based on repurposing old gold & up cycling the precious metal into new & updated modern masterpieces.

The idea is to encourage clients to use their old jewellery pieces by melting the gold that they have & handcrafting new & exciting jewellery from previously loved or no longer used, old gold jewellery.

RENEW NOW breathes new life into pre-loved jewels & reduces the questionable practices found in the traditional mining sector which includes unfair labour practices, overuse of toxic chemicals used in gold extraction & the unnecessary use of fossil fuels used in mining.

RENEW NOW is an initiative based on circular economy practices, a global movement that promotes reuse, recycle & repurpose. In short, a circular economy is explained as a system that restores or regenerates by intention & design. It replaces the end-of-life concept with restoration & is a shift towards recycling & restoring raw materials to be reused.

Mark Gold & THE RENEW NOW INITIATIVE encourages clients to be aware, responsible & mindful of the need to preserve ecosystems & the planet.

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