Contemporary Barware Explained - Mark Gold

Contemporary Barware Explained

After 30 plus years in the luxury space, having handcrafting jewels for so many amazing art appreciating clients & being privileged enough to visit them at their incredible homes, one element remained confusing to me.

My clients are largely wealthy with an appreciation for beautiul architecture, art, furniture & jewellery not to mention the exotic cars housed in the garages...


What is so confusing

What confuses me is that my clients, as inspiring as I find them & as amazing as they are, & as amazing as their homes & surroundings are, they all used regular glass ware in the homes or bar areas. Yes, we  obviously know that some glass brands would be better than others, but glass non the less,

Now glass is okay but how is it that nobody had seen a better & more appropriate material for high end bar ware than glass, one that does not break if dropped & has a far greater opportunity for design & art appeal. That remains a mystery to me however i’m glad to say that there are better options & proud to say that we have introduced them with our new range called the Club Collection by Mark Gold.

A new journey begins with super alloys

I started playing with the concept around 2019 & made a few prototypes using aviation grade superalloys. They were fabulous. They looked & felt great, they retained the cold  far longer than glass & kept the drinks cold for longer. This element alone deletes the need for ice which just dissipates the flavour of your drink as it melts. I invested in carbon fibre, titanium & aluminium superalloys & started an incredible new journey of discovery.

Our clients want what others don’t have

My clients are amazing. They order what they want, when they want because they can I guess. New luxury vehicles or supercars, then spec them how they want with additional accessories such as carbon fibre or special paints. Its fascinating & wonderful to see but why do they do it ?

They do it because they love to be unique, to stand alone & they want what others don’t have...

Welcome to The Club Collection by Mark Gold

The unique qualities of alloys over glass are:

  • Superalloys do not smash when dropped
  • Superalloys are perfectly appropriate for use around the pool … because glass breaks
  • Superalloys keep your drinks cold for longer
  • Superalloys make a huge visual impact
  • The Club Collection is a food safe anodised superalloy bar ware collection & is fully customisable which can even include diamonds