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The Value of Limited Edition Luxury

There is an idea amongst consumers in general that jewellery & other products in the luxury world can retain value & possibly even appreciate in value over time.

This belief is true to a certain extent however there is more to it & there are certain key factors to consider.

Small batch production runs & limited availability, luxury goods will always hold more desire than freely available mass produced items. This is one of the basic phenomenons of supply & demand which is an essential element that drives market forces.

This phenomenon is visible in most areas of the luxury space including brands such as Louis Vuitton or Hermes. High end products from these two brands can be investment-grade assets with Hermes Kelly & Birkin bags are often found to be selling prices north of the retail price on the secondary market. This phenomenon exists within the art world too & again, all due to limited supply.

Let us also draw a parallel with high end auto collections for example.

Enthusiasts understand that classic cars such as Porsche or Ferrari & certain others will appreciate in value year on year & certain modern, limited editions often selling with premiums significantly above the list price. This is an uncommon occurrence in mass produced vehicles though.

So while all of these industries do share the commonality that the products can appreciate, few in modern society can increase in value like certain hi-endnwatches &  jewellery. Walk down any high street, & you may find a jeweller selling watches & one of their primary sales pitches will be that the watch could be an investment & that it should retain a lot of its value, but why is this ?

Again, supply & demand …

So how can watches & jewellery retain their value so well ? Let's look a little deeper.

Not all are born equal

Probably the first thing to ask is how supply & demand happens. Well, not all watch or jewellery brands offerings are designed & manufactured using the same amount of passion, attention to detail, quality of raw materials & most are not built in small quantity limited editions. Most are mass produced & so are unlikely to ever appreciate in value, regardless of the brand.

Small batch, hi-end production, using precious metals which are handcrafted to perfection are likely to stand the test of time best. At the end of the day, not all jewels or watches are born equal, & as such, there can be vast discrepancies between how much one would pay. This is to do, largely, with rarity, supply & demand & obviously

the quality of production. In addition to the obvious precious metals & gems values, which generally increase in value due to constant raw material price increases, there is also the art aspect which has a part to play in rarity & art is historically is known as a safe space for investment.

Trends, fads & human nature

One of the leading causes for anything gaining value is also to do with aspirations & status within society. Whether it is caused by fashion or trends, like specific colours or materials which may be in vogue, watches & jewellery often gain value on the back of the people wanting luxury goods with a particular trait that is looked up to by others.

This is simply human nature. Often we want to be part of an exclusive community, & jewellery speaks to that desire.

We are even seeing it today in watch collecting as particular models became incredibly sought-after to the point where they were selling for multiples of their retail price. Soon after, watches with similar designs became desirable as demand bled from one watch into the next. This is true too with certain niche jewellery brands.

Standing by your brand

As a brand, Mark Gold places extreme emphasis on innovation, workmanship & on the quality of raw materials. All of our jewels are handcrafted by, or very carefully overseen by the founder of our brand, Mark Gold & given that all this work is carried out by such a small team there is obviously an art like rarity value & the demand is usually greater than the supply. Mark Gold also takes enormous pride in the presentation & the innovation flows through into the packaging too.

Unique to Mark Gold is a service whereby, for a nominal fee, we are happy to refurbish, service & maintain clients jewels that we have made. This gives our clients great peace of mind with their investment knowing that their unique piece will last for generations & hold or increase in value but probably the most valuable element of all is that jewels bought online from are quality controlled, inspected, then signed personally by Mark.